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Product line consists of 400+ items, including mugs, goblets, vases, tankards, plates, trinkets, saki sets, tea caddies, picture frames, candlesticks and other pewter items all hand made in Malaysia.


Our pewter is an alloy of tin, antimony and copper, tin being the main component at 97%. Tin in its pure form, whilst being the fourth most precious metal in common use today, is too soft for practical use. Copper and antimony are therefore added as hardening agents.

Pewter is available in a variety of finishes all ideal for the production of giftware, being highly practical and durable whilst also being easily engraved.

Tin is a plentiful natural resource and tin mining has little or no impact on the environment.

Tin is the fourth most precious metal in common usage after platinum, gold and silver. It is bright and attractive and extremely versatile.


Below are some special features of our pewter products from Pewter Supply:

  • Highly polished appearance which does not tarnish or discolor easily.
  • Highest tin content in North America at 97%
  • Pewter is a solid material, not plated, which is important when engraving is required.
  • It is extremely competitively priced against products of similar appearance.
  • Pewter is made in Malaysia, using skilled craftsmen who employ traditional methods handed down through the centuries.
  • Each piece of pewter is individually made - no two pieces are identical. 

For more information on pewter, please see the links on the left or call toll free, 1-855-Pewter0. (1-855-739-8370)!